Spares for DS30


This list will help you identify and order the right spare part, with its part number. We will soon be adding photographs to assist the process.
All parts with a C in the Consumable column are consumable and are not covered under warranty or service contracts.
All other parts will be invoiced upon shipment and, if under warranty, will be credited upon return (30 days US, 90 days International). Please verify on the RMA or RMA Shipper if return of the defective part is requested.


Part Number Description Consumable
002-130S Touchscreen  
002-135S V4 Lever Microswitch  
002-161 Bar Code Scanner  
003-074S Twinport Coupling  
003-178S Reagent Inlet Connector  
200-131S Speaker assy  
304-020S Users Manual, DS-30, Paper Manual C
304-023 Users Manual, DS-30, CD Format  
300-100S Hcy Fluorimeter  
300-120S PEEK Plunger  
300-123S Power Supply  
300-124S Syringe Body, PEEK  
300-143S Microswitch assy, Main Lid  
300-146S Microswitch assy, A/S Lid  
300-189 DS-30 Stator Plate  
300-226S Fan assy, Rear Panel  
300-236S Fan assy, Power Supply  
300-237S Speaker assy  
300-242S Microswitch assy, No 1  
300-243S Microswitch assy, No 2  
300-244S Microswitch assy, No 3  
300-251S Autosampler Drive Motor  
300-252S Motor assy, Peripump 1  
300-253S Motor assy, Peripump 2  
300-254S Motor assy, Probe Drive  
300-257S Pipe Loom  
300-262S Mains Inlet assy  
300-272S Probe Arm assy  
300-280S Reagent Bottle Cap assy C
300-281S Waste Pipe assy  
300-282S Tubing assy, Peripumps  
300-283 Heater Block  
300-284S 12 way Valve, O-ring Kit, DS-30  
300-300S Syringe Pump assy  
300-301S Syringe Drive Motor assy  
300-305S Display/Printer assy  
300-306S Autosampler assy  
300-307S Column Housing assy  
300-108S 12 way valve assy  
300-309S Sample Uptake Syringe assy, Syringe (B)  
300-600S Interface pcb  
300-610S Auxiliary pcb  
300-780S GMG pcb  
304-030S Systems Disk, GMF, DS-30, 2 C
304-031S Systems Disk, GMG, DS-30, 2  
304-060 Packaging Set, DS-30 C
304-309S Peri-tube Kit